Hey guys! I have decided it is in fact time to MOVE to a new host. I am going to be using Tumblr as my host now because I love Tumblr and it’s really easy to work with. Anyways, if you are following me via Bloglovin, you don’t need to do anything! All my future posts will be on your Bloglovin‘ dashboard safe and sound. If you are following me via or email, unfortunately you are…

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Photography Lessons w/ Frank

Photography Lessons w/ Frank

Hey guys! So I took my friend Frank out for a night shoot! He’s still learning photography but he did MUCH better shooting at night… mainly because I just put it on night mode. HA the secrets out. But anyways. Today was cool, I started training for my new job and finished all the paperwork so I’m officially a photographer again for a living. Woo! Tis exciting. I also found out that my birthday…

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Daily Outfit: Double Exposure

Daily Outfit: Double Exposure











Hey guys! I got this AMAZING bustier from Dressale.comand am so incredibly in love with it. It’s form fitting, yet stretchy material so it fits perfectly and feels really comfortable. The buttons in the back make it uber cute as well! It can be worn so many different ways. I choose to style it for the park this evening with my friend. I really love my orange heels so I wanted to…

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Rosie Says Hello x Instagram Giveaway!

Rosie Says Hello x Instagram Giveaway!

Hey guys… so I decided to do a little giveaway for my followers on my NEW Instagram @rosiesayshello! The rules are really simple, all you have to do is follow me on Instagram, REPOST the beanie photo with caption “Follow @RosieSaysHello #rosiesayshello to win this beanie!” and you’re done! You don’t need to be following http://www.rosiesayshello.comthis time around (although I would totally…

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So I’m debating on starting a new blog and moving away from Rosie Says Hello, let me explain…

So I’m debating on starting a new blog and moving away from Rosie Says Hello, let me explain and then you can help me decide. I started this blog two years ago and completely fell in love with posting on it. To this day I still LOVE the name “Rosie Says Hello” I’ve spent a lot of hard work and dedication into it but it MIGHT be time for me to start fresh with a brand new blog name and here are…

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Traveling Through Dark Tunnels

Traveling Through Dark Tunnels

Hey guys. So I’ve been slowly feeling A LOT better actually haha, and today I got to work on myself and did a lot of reflecting and thinking. I’ve come to the conclusion that #1 I eat way too much junk food and even though I’m very thin I’m sure my body would thank me if I threw in some exercise and healthier food. I also want to start baking again. And reading! I should make a list of all thing…

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Confessions of a Shopaholic: 8/2/2014

Confessions of a Shopaholic: 8/2/2014



my new shorts. $3 at wal mart too good to pass up. super comfortable and for once wal mart CARRIED my size “xs” super in love with them what do you think? yay / nay? :) I got a new Instagram please follow @rosiesayshello my first giveaway on Instagram will be when I hit my first 100 followers :)
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Confessions of a Shopaholic: 7/31/2014

Confessions of a Shopaholic: 7/31/2014

I went out for some things today! Don’t worry everything was definitely under $3! I really needed some new bras and i bought some shirts that are… sideless or see through so i wanted the bras to be bright and flashy… LOL

photo 4-2 photo 5-2

I love the color purple so i’m creating a entire collection of purple bras lmfao. yellow is my second favourite color. also got a hot pink knitted mesh top, a shirt that i…

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Hey guys. Today I had to drive 30 minutes to a Fedex because they wouldn’t accept it at my…

Hey guys. Today I had to drive 30 minutes to a Fedex because they wouldn’t accept it at my old house without my signature… took advantage of it and ended up going to pinkberry for the first time in such a long time! mmm, pomegranate and original with captain crunch! And as we were leaving I saw a rainbow by the trash. Ha so pretty.

photo 3-1

photo 4-1

I love pinkberry so much. Have any of you ever been there? It’s…

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Daily Outfit: Overexposed

photo 1-1

photo 2-1

photo 3-2

shirt: reconstructed boy’s “blind” tee
pants: bullhead jeans (pacsun)
boots: laundry list
bracelet: vintage
necklace: coach

been out of the groove lately. trying to adjust to things still. I got a new instagram please follow rosiesayshello!
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